How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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Featured Ads

Featured Ads are premium-looking ad spaces in the search results page. Users/ads in the Featured Ads section will have a bigger display than a normal listing (three ad spaces per row) and will be available at the top of every page of the search results page.

If the Featured Ads section is enabled in a category, it will display three (3) premium-looking spaces right above the listings in the search results page. For Desktop, it will display on all pages; for mobile, it will display only on the first page.


Featured Ads are only available through Sales.


Please contact the following if you want to avail the Featured Ad Space:


Maristel Lim (0917-707-5286)

Jayr Landicho (0998-583-6844)



Sweetie Go (0917-133-6824) or (0998-589-4457)