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How can we help you?

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What should I remember before a meet up?


Great job! Deciding to meet up with your buyer/seller is possibly the best way to avoid being scammed. In choosing a time and location, there are conditions that you should consider. Read on for meet-up tips for online buyers and sellers.


When deciding on where you would meet up with an online buyer or seller, here’s a handy checklist on ideal locations:

  • A place nearby and familiar to you.
  • Public open spaces such as malls, convenience stores, train stations, building lobbies, restaurants and cafes.
  • Well-lit, even better if a CCTV is available in the area.
  • Well-guarded. It’s best if you can always approach someone for help if something goes awry.

Checked everything in the list above? Then proceed with your meet-up! Below are some reminders when deciding to meet up with your buyer/seller.


  • Bring someone with you.
  • If you are paying a large amount of money, suggest to meet at their bank so you can do the transaction together.
  • If it’s necessary to meet them at their place, let someone know where you’re headed or better yet, bring someone with you.
  • At the meet-up, always inspect the item to check if it’s as described to you. Ask additional questions if you have to. Inquire about their reason for selling.

And remember: if you aren’t satisfied with its condition, feel free to back out. A win-win exchange is a two-way thing!