How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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How do I report a seller with violation?

We may suspend your usage of the system if, in our own opinion, you have violated or your actions tend to violate any law, rules, regulations or our policies without prior notice. We may also delete your ad. In line with this.

If you believe a violation of our rules has occurred, we encourage you to report it immediately by clicking the “Report” icon located below the seller's contact detail.

Step 1: Click the "Report" button.


Step 2: Once clicked, a list of possible violations will appear. Choose the foremost offense the member made.


*Note: Before taking any actions upon receiving your report, we will review the ad, including the seller's history in our website. We usually won't suspend a seller's account unless the seller has violated our policies multiple times.

In accordance with our Protecting your Privacy article, OLX strictly prohibits disclosing any actions/information we take about the issue.

Refrain from making multiple reports of the same violation as this may only cause delay in our investigation.