How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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OLX Account concerns

    1. How to edit my profile information?
    2. Chats
    3. Payments
    4. I can’t access my account
    5. Why was my account suspended?
    6. Why does it say my mobile number is already in use?
    7. I don't want my OLX account to show up in search engine results.
    8. How do I retrieve my deleted OLX account?












1. How to edit my profile information?

Step 1:  Log in to your OLX account.manage_ads_folders.JPG

Step 2: Go to Settings.


Step 3: Click the item that you'd like to update.

Step 4: Click the “Change” button to save your new account information.


If you are experiencing issues with your Account, please contact OLX Support Team




2. Chats

Step 1:  Log in to your account.

Step 2: Open your preferred ad and send a chat message to seller. You may also click the contact number to call or send an SMS.


Step 3: You can view your message in your Account Chats.


If you are experiencing issues with Chats, please contact OLX Support Team.



 3. Payments

The Payments button on your OLX Account shows the complete list of your Payment Logs:


  • Payment Logs button shows all the Transactions you’ve done using OLX. (e.g. OLX Gold top-ups and Purchases of Value-Added-Services).


  • Receipts button shows your proof of purchase.


  • Buy OLX Gold Credits button lets you purchase OLX credits. Just make sure that you fill up the blank fields, correctly!


  • Purchase Ad Slots button lets you purchase additional slots of your selling item’s category.


  • Paid Ad Posting Logs button shows you the list of all your purchased ad slot packages.


If you are experiencing technical issues with Payments, please contact OLX Support Team



 4. I can’t access my account

Having trouble opening your OLX account may be caused by different factors. Here are a couple of things to consider and do to address the situation.

What can you do?

  1. Identify what type of error message shows up when attempting to log in
  2. Double-check the info (mobile/email) and password you're using.
  3. Close and relaunch your browser, then attempt to log in again.
  4. Check your connection and ensure you're on a fast and stable one.
  5. Try using a different browser (we recommend Firefox or Chrome).
  6. Update your browser if you have done so yet
  7. Clear your browser's cache and cookies
  8. Try logging in using a different device and/or connection if possible (e.g. internet cafes, office connections, other wifi hotspots, mobile device, desktop computer, laptop, etc.)




 5. Why was my account suspended?

If you're reading this, we're very sorry to hear that your account has been temporarily deactivated. Moderators and Admins of the website can take immediate actions toward an account without prior notice, if it is found violating's Terms and Conditions.

We'd like to help you out, though, and all we need is your full and sincerest cooperation! Send your message HERE.

*Note: is at liberty to refuse account reactivation requests if deemed necessary, especially if an account is found of having multiple penalties and/or major violations.




6. Why does it say my mobile number is already in use?

This simply means that the mobile number you're trying to use is already registered to an existing OLX account. You may already have an account that you've overlooked, accidentally created or deactivated, using that particular mobile number.

This, therefore, means that you can log in to the existing account where your mobile number is originally registered to. And if you to need reset its password, you can easily do so through this page.

You may also contact our Support Team to help you withdraw the number in your other account, to be able to use it again. 

*Note: This notification also applies to e-mail addresses.



 7. I don't want my OLX account to show up in search engine results. has no control over or access to systems and databases of search engines, such as Google. If Google is generating search results that contain your information on OLX, and do not wish for it to be publicly displayed, the following must be accomplished:

  1. The information on should no longer be active, which normally means that the account or ad where the info is registered to must be deactivated first.
  2. Once the info is inactive on, contact Google to have the outdated content taken down from their search results.



 8. How do I retrieve my deleted OLX account?

In case you account got deactivated, you may request for its reactivation by contacting our Customer Support for verification and assistance.