How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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Advertisement Terms and Conditions

  1. What should be avoided when I post an ad?
  2. What are the items and services prohibited on OLX?













1. What should be avoided when I post an ad?

All advertisements you post must conform to our policies and guidelines outlined here.

Ad Spamming

Posting of multiple similar advertisements, with the intention of flooding particular site’s categories and search results.

Copying other Members' Ads

Copying any/all of other member's advertisement item details and using them for their own-posted ads.

Duplicate Ads

Posting two (2) or more of the same active advertisement, under one main category.

Keyword Stuffing

Loading/using repetitive, excessive, and unrelated keywords and/or meta tags in advertisements.

Misleading/false information - misleading or false information in advertisements such as incorrect pricing, incorrect condition and images unrelated to the advertisement including thumbnails are strictly prohibited.

Mobile numbers are not allowed in an ad's title, photos, and description area (except for Services and Business & Earning Opportunities categories). Your Primary Contact/Mobile Number must be saved in your Account Settings only.

Multiple Items (One Product per ad only)

Posting an advertisement that promotes two or more unrelated items/products in the title, photos, and description areas.

Violation of intellectual property rights - you may NOT advertise any product or service which violates the intellectual property rights of any third party. This includes counterfeit goods, including fake replicas or unauthorized copies.

Scam and Illegal Advertisements

Advertisements posted to defraud/scam other registered members. Posting pirated ads and other illegal items and services are also included.

Stealing Images

Using images from other advertisements in their own posted ads.

Wrong Category Ads

Advertisements that are posted under incorrect or unrelated categories other than where they should be posted. If your advertisement falls under more than one category, you must select the best category or location to post your advertisement.

Undeleted Sold Items

Sold, or depleted, items should be declared as “Sold/Unavailable”, by clicking the Deactivate button right after a successful transaction. Alternatively, advertisements for discontinued or unavailable services/businesses should also be deactivated.

Product Registration and Licensing - all advertisements must comply with all product registrations and licensing requirements under applicable laws, rules and regulations before they may be posted. Some examples are:

  • Advertisements for fertilizers must conform with the license requirements under FDA Memo Circular No. 96-06 Series of 1996 and Presidential Decree No. 114; and,
  • Advertisements for animals must be licensed by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources under Republic Act No. 9147.

Special Rules

The following advertisements or acts are prohibited:

For the Real Estate category:

  • Property for sale  – only 1 property type per advertisement
  • Property for rent – only 1 property type per advertisement
  • Foreclosed property – only 1 property type per advertisement
  • Similar lots or condominium units in a single subdivision or condominium project is considered belonging to the same property type. Lots or condominium units that have more or less the same price or per square value in a single subdivision/condominium project is considered similar lots and condominium units.


Posting of advertisements for free is merely a privilege. We may, at any time and at our sole discretion, without need of prior notice, remove or disallow this privilege. We also reserve the right to impose the applicable fees prior to allowing any advertisement to be displayed in our site.

If, in our opinion, your advertisements do not conform to or have a tendency to violate our rules or any of our guidelines, you authorize OLX Philippines or any of our Administrators to take any corrective action with respect to your advertisement. In particular, we may delete, suspend, or return your advertisement to make it compliant.




2. What are the items/services prohibited on OLX?



  • Adoption
  • Credit card, bank statements/show money
  • Child and baby adoption
  • Commemorative plates production
  • Database leads
  • Distributorship with public notice, incomplete documents and no license to operate
  • Facebook page likes / Twitter fans and related services
  • Fixers and falsified documents for Government bodies assistance
  • Gambling
  • Glutathione application/injection, offering home service by unauthorized individual(s)
  • High yield investment program ads (e.g. Ponzie scheme, etc.)
  • License for rent
  • Matching and dating services
  • Money Lending/Paluwagan/Online Paluwagan
  • Personal Pawning service/ ash offerings in exchange
  • Prostitution, human trafficking, and other similar activities
  • Solicitation
  • Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of media products and other patented/copyrighted items
  • Unauthorized service of medical procedures
  • Unauthorized use of brand names by independent distributors
  • Unauthorized/Illegal unlimited internet and/or cable services
  • Unlocking/Hacking of patented devices/gadgets/  accessories
  • Yoni/Linggam Service
  • Abortifacient drugs (promoting abortion) and any form of steroidal drugs
  • Adult Toy (materials, sex-drive enhancements and other related items)
  • Alcoholic Beverages / Liquors
  • All kinds of knives EXCEPT Kitchen knife, Industrial knife and multi-tool (Swiss knife)
  • All types of current money/currency & coins
  • Animals that are considered to be endangered or included in the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act of the Philippines
  • Bit-coin & virtual currency-related items
  • Body Parts (Kidney, Blood, bodily fluids and remains)
  • Breast enhancer/enlarger pills
  • Burglary tools
  • Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco and all Derivatives/Paraphernalia/Accessories
  • Counterfeit
  • Customized car plates
  • Do-It-Yourself braces
  • Fireworks and other explosive substances
  • Free items
  • Game and peer-to-peer sharing accounts (Online game accounts, Private servers e.g. Paypal, Bit coins, e-Currency, poker chips, Rewards Points)
  • Government aided food
  • Guns, ammunition, and other related items
  • Hazardous/Toxic chemical products (e.g. insecticides, pesticides, etc.), Restricted and Perishable items
  • Illegally produced media products (e.g. DVD, CD, movies, games, mp3's, eBooks, e-magazines, etc.)
  • Installment and Pre-Order (Mobile Phones, Computers, Consumer Electronics, Bags, Shoes, Watches, and Jewelries)
  • Love Potions "Gayuma", and other non-scientifically proven concoctions (e.g. menstruation-inducing products, sex drives, etc.)
  • Marijuana/Drugs
  • Nudity and obscene materials
  • Online codes, passwords, and/or pass codes
  • Pet Adoptions
  • Piracy or media products and other copyrighted items
  • Replicas, imitations, class A, counterfeit or copies of original & well-known branded items
  • Selling items for auction or bidding
  • Shisha, Hookah, and Bong - Paraphernalia/Accessories
  • Signal jammer/Signal booster / Repeater
  • Telecom company modems/routers issued as part of service contracts
  • Unnotified Cosmetic Products (Renow-D New Facial cream formula-one, Goree Day & Night whitening cream, Goree Beauty cream with Lycopene, SPF 30, Avocado & Aloevera)
  • Unregistered drugs and/or products
  • Used undergarments, and personal cleaning stuff
  • Vehicles without legal documents/papers
  • Wallet ninja
  • Wildlife Products (e.g. mounted specimens, Ivory, etc.)