How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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How do I Install the App in Android and iOS

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  1. How do I download the OLX app?
  2. App errors & General Troubleshooting













1. How do I download the OLX app? 

Step 1: Open the App Store/Playstore on your device. Search for “OLX Philippines”.


Step 2: Click the Download or Install button.

Step 3: Once it is downloaded, there should be an ‘Open’ button to tap in the App Store/Play Store– or you can simply find the Olx app icon on your mobile device .

*Note: The OLX Philippines app is downloadable from within the country only. Depending on where you are though, OLX apps for different countries will be available.


2. App errors & General Troubleshooting

If your app starts acting up for some reason, here are a couple of things you can do to address the situation.

  1. Make sure you're using a stable and strong connection
  2. Make sure that your device has sufficient memory
  3. Close and relaunch the app
  4. Clear the app's cache from your device's Settings or Application Manager
  5. If available, try using a different connection (mobile data/wifi hotspots)
  6. Test the app on a different device if possible
  7. Update the app if you haven't yet
  8. Reinstall the app

Unforeseen bugs or issues that may arise will be addressed by our engineers through update releases, after these issues are identified. Though routine testings are conducted to ensure quality, we encourage users to always update the app whenever possible, and report any bugs or issues that may occur in the apps simply by sending an email to with the following details below:

  • Device brand and model
  • OS version
  • App version
  • Connection used
  • Troubleshooting done (e.g relaunch, reinstall app, etc.)