How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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How do I Browse Ads in OLX App

  1. How to search an item or service I prefer?
  2. What is Favorite icon?












 1. How to search an item or service I prefer?

Step 1: Open your OLX app and go to ‘“Search Bar” located at the top most of the pages.


Step 2: Type in the keyword of the item or service you’re looking for and click the search button.


Step 3: You can use the Filter options to help you find what you need based on a category, price, condition of the item and set a specific place you want to search in. Once you’ve set your filters. Tap the “Show Result” button.





2. What is Favorite Icon?

Favorite Icon is similar to a Bookmark. It is a saved shortcut that directs your search to your preferred ad.

Step 1: Click the Star or Favorite Icon located on the upper right side of an ad.


Step 2: Click your app dashboard button and choose “Favorites”.


Step 3: You can now see your bookmarked ad!