How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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Cash on Delivery FAQ

How does COD delivery work?

COD delivery service means that upon delivery of the purchased item to the buyer, the buyer would pay cash to the delivery person. The amount paid would then be deposited to the bank account of the seller on the following Wednesday. Delivery is 48 hours after pick-up date requested.

I am a seller and I want my items to be delivered, how do I sign-up?

Send your Name and Contact number to, an OLX account manager would contact you within 24 hours to assist you on the sign-up.

How do I know if an item is open for delivery?

You would see the XPOST delivery icon on the lower right side of the item in the search page, then you could chat with the seller and request for your item to be delivered.


I am a seller who is signed up with the delivery service, how do I put my items for delivery?

All items under you will have the delivery badge and would be eligible for delivery.

What happens if my items get lost in transit?

There is a full insurance covering the stated amount, for more information please visit

What are the prices?


How do sellers track their sold items?

Sellers could track their items through in the tracking page. Buyers could not track this on the page, it would be best for the buyers to coordinate with the seller regarding tracking of items.


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