How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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How many free ads can I post?

The number of free ads you can post and the cost of succeeding ones vary depending on the category you're in. Here's a quick guide to ad posting limits and rates per category.

Category No. of Free Ads Cost of Succeeding Ads
Mobile Phones and Tablets 3 P20
Computers 10 P100
Consumer Electronics 6 P100
Pets and Animals 10 P100
Home and Furniture 10 P100
Beauty, Health and Grocery 10 P100
Clothing and Accessories 6 P100
Books, Sports and Hobbies 6 P100
Baby Stuff and Toys 10 P100
Real Estate For Sale 1 P200
Real Estate for Rent 1 P200
Cars and Automotives 1 P900
Automotives Parts and Accessories 3 P100
Motorcycles and Scooters 2 P100
Motorcycles Parts and Accessories 3 P100
Services - P150
Jobs 1 P150
Business and Earning Opportunities 2 P150
Construction and Farming 6 P150
Heavy Machinery and Trucks 1 P900
Equipment and Spare Parts 3 P100

NOTE: Free Ads are not available for Services category. 

These rates and free ads limit are subject to change without prior notice. 


Please take note that deleting or deactivating your ads under the paid slots will consume the said feature. We would highly recommend utilizing your paid slots instead of deleting the ads with this feature.