How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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What does it mean to be an OLX member?

A. Signing up

  1. Each individual user is allowed only one (1) active OLX account.
  2. When choosing a name or alias, please do not select one which may be considered foul, obscene, racist, hateful, or inflammatory.

B. Your Duties and Responsibilities as an OLX Member.

You are responsible for ensuring that your account is not accessed without your authority. We strongly advise against sharing your login credentials (email, mobile number and password) with others. All activity arising from the use of your credentials will be binding on you and you shall be responsible for any harm suffered by us or third parties.

C. If We Deactivate or Archive Your Account

  1. Your membership will be deactivated if:
      • You have not signed in at least once for the past twelve (12) months; or,
      • The corresponding e-mail address, assigned to your account, rejects or bounces our e-mails due for any reason including the following:
        • mailbox full;
        • e-mail account deactivated;
        • e-mail account suspended;
        • e-mail domain inaccessible;
        • mailserver with technical problems; and,
        • e-mail requiring verification
  2. In case your account got deactivated, you will be informed accordingly when you sign in again. To reactivate your account, you just need to contact our Customer Support for further assistance.
  3. Your membership will be archived if you fail to sign in for six (6) consecutive months. You will have all your active advertisements automatically archived.