How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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What violations can be committed on OLX?

AD SPAMMING Posting of multiple similar advertisements with the intention of flooding particular site’s categories and search results.

Such as:

    • Ads referring to online gaming account
    • Ads referring to the sale or transaction of virtual currencies (i.e., PayPal, Bitcoins, E-currencies, etc)
    • Prescription medicines that are sold by individuals
    • Legal, business, and visa assistance services that are offered/provided by individuals
    • Credit card and loan application assistance offered by individuals

Click this for the complete list of prohibited items and services.

COPY/PASTE OTHER MEMBER'S ADS Copying any/all of other member's advertisement item details and using them for their own-posted ads.

Members creating more than one (1) account, with the intention of spamming the website by posting the same set of ads over and over again on all the other account/s. 

However, there's an exception to this, if your current account has buy and sell items/ads, and you have more to post such as properties or cars, then you may create another account for the other verticals which are Real Estate and Cars. Each Verticals can have their own separate accounts handled by one owner.

DUPLICATE ADS Posting two (2) or more of the same active advertisement, under one Main Category.
IDENTITY THEFT Creating an OLX account using another individual's personal info for the purpose of gaining trust and/or obtaining material and non-material things from others for their own benefit.
KEYWORD STUFFING Loading/using repetitive, excessive, and unrelated keywords and/or meta tags in advertisements.
MISLEADING INFORMATION IN ADS This violation includes, but are not limited to, incorrect pricing, incorrect condition and images unrelated to the advertisement including thumbnails.
MULTIPLE CARS Creating an advertisement in the Cars category promoting more than one vehicle with different model/type, specifications and year model.
PRIVATE MESSAGE SPAM Sending unsolicited messages to registered members thru PM with the intention of advertising/promoting or offering of products, services, businesses.
RUDE/INSULTING POSTS AND MESSAGES Ad posts and messages which can be considered offensive or out of line, such as making threats as well as using inappropriate and profane languages.
SCAM OR ILLEGAL ADS Advertisements posted to defraud/scam other registered members. Posting pirated ads and other illegal items and services are also included.
STEALING IMAGES Using images from other advertisements in their own posted ads.
UNDELETED SOLD ITEMS Sold, or depleted, items should be declared as sold/unavailable item by clicking the Deactivate button right after a successful transaction. Alternatively, advertisements for discontinued or unavailable services/businesses should also be deactivated.
WRONG CATEGORY ADS Advertisements that are posted under incorrect or unrelated categories other than where they should be posted.


Admins of can take action towards user accounts, without prior notice, that intentionally and consistently commit any of these violations, or in the event that is deemed necessary in light of our efforts, to perpetually uphold the website's policies.