How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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Free ad slot system revamp for real estate

On May 24, the Real Estate Category will undergo a change in its free ad slot allotment. No worries! You can still post free ads under the new allotment scheme for each subcategory:

  • One free ad slot for the For Sale subcategory per month
  • One free ad slot for the For Rent subcategory per month

This will be implemented via the following system:

  • Once the free ad slot is used, your next free ad slot will be available after 29 days.
  • Deleting or archiving the free ad will not make it available and still consume your free ad slot for the month.
  • This means you can only post 1 free ad per subcategory every month.

The new system works the same way as the free ad slot system for the Cars category. Thus, like car dealers, all real estate brokers and agents have to purchase their ad slots relative to the number of properties they want to sell.

Those who want to sell or rent out their property can still take advantage of the free ad slots allotted per month.

If you want to post more, you may contact an Account Manager on OLX at (02) 631 – 1565  or

For real estate brokers, we recommend you get a Property24 subscription. Any property ad you list on Property24 is also posted on OLX automatically. What’s more is Property24 has special rates exclusive to real estate brokers.